Ways to Turn In Work

You can drop off your work during the hours above in the Townsend Community School classroom, or while meeting with your instructor. You may also mail your work to 207 Lowell Street, Castalia, OH 44824. Please include your instructor’s name on the envelope, and be sure to provide adequate postage, as some exams will require it. We cannot accept faxes or emails.

Remember it is very important that we receive work each week. 

Exams and Retakes

You are required to turn in exams each week. Typically, grades are received within two to three weeks. A passing grade is 75% or higher, and each exam must be passed to earn credit for the class. A retake is sent with each exam not passed, so the student can have another chance to master the material. It is the responsibility of the student to ask if there are any retakes and to track their progress in each class. The easiest way to accomplish this is to ask if there are any retakes when you turn in your work, and to be in communication with your teacher . Grade cards are available upon request.

Time Logs (Download)

Your individual time log should include all hours worked on your courses, including independently, in a classroom, or any alternate location (library, detention center, etc.) and any time when you are communicating with any school employee over the phone or electronically (for example, time taken to read/or write emails, texts, to teachers, etc.).  These hours should be counted at all times, including during regular school hours, on weekends, and in the evenings.  You may, and probably will, have more than one entry per day.  Examples of time you should keep on your logs include:

  • Time spent in the TCS classrooms or allotted TCS library times
  • Time spent with TCS Instructors receiving instructional assistance
  • Time spent researching topics relevant to your courses
  • Test preparation
  • Group study hours
  • Time spent taking your exams
  • Time spent on Study Island, whether it be for OGT preparation or course supplement materials
  • If you are working toward CBI (work) credits, time spent on the job.  You will still be required to submit paystubs to earn credit.
  • Time spent talking with the College Access Advisor or any school employee about your coursework or future goals
  • Time spent preparing for the ACT/SAT
  • Independent study time whether it be in your home, a detention center, Job and Family Services location, at the hospital, etc.

Your time spent each week on your schoolwork should total twenty-six (26) or more hours per week, if you are a full-time student with Townsend Community School.  When completing credits using demonstrated mastery, time management is an important component.  Be sure to budget your time wisely.

Please turn in your completed time log each week, along with your completed exam(s).

Completion and submission of your time log does not exempt you from the weekly requirement of turning in completed exams.




The textbooks given are yours to keep. Please take care not to damage or lose them. Textbooks can be replaced, but it takes time to receive a replacement and can slow progress. Once you have completed a subject and are sure you have passed all exams, and you do not want to keep the book, you may return them to Townsend Community School so they can be used to tutor students. 


Townsend Community School follows the Margaretta Local School calendar. If Margaretta Local Schools are closed, so is Townsend Community School. If the district in which you live is closed for extreme weather conditions, you are not expected to attend. 

Townsend Community School offers college credits through the College Credit Plus Program. For additional information click the links below.

College Credit Plus Policy

Intent Form