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    BS, etc.) at an accredited institution.

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    degree (i.e., MBA, etc.) at an accredited institution.

  • Doctorate: Earned degree (i.e., PhD), title or rank of doctor from an accredited institution.

  • Professional: Earned a professional degree (i.e., law, medical, dental, etc.) at an accredited


Security Clearance

A security clearance is a license issued by the head of a department, division, or agency of the federal government that provides the recipient with access to classified documents and/or secured facilities. (Most students will select None).

If you select ‘Active Confidential’, ‘Active Secret’, ‘Active Top Secret’,
or ‘Active Top Secret/SCI’, you will be shown in the search results of
authorized employers who search based on Active Security
Clearance and your resume will indicate that you have an Active Security Clearance. If you select ‘None’, ‘Inactive Confidential’, ‘Inactive Secret’, ‘Inactive Top Secret’, ‘Inactive Top Secret/SCI’, your resume will indicate that you do not have an Active Security Clearance. If you have a searchable resume, but would not like your security clearance status to be indicated on your resume, please highlight the ‘Select’ Option.


This is your opportunity to enter any certified WorkKeys Assessment scores. (Most students will answer No). The WorkKeys job skill assessment system is used to measure real-world skills. The system connects work skills, training, and testing for education and employers; makes it easier to meet the requirements of federal programs and legislation. WorkKeys assessments measure these foundational workplace skills:

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Applied Technology

  • Business Writing

  • Listening for Understanding

  • Locating Information

  • Reading for Information

  • Teamwork

  • Workplace Observation

    From the selection of WorkKeys assessments, please enter a value for all that you were given a score. It is not required to complete every one, as it may not apply to you. When you have completed entering in all of your assessments and associated scores, click on “Submit”. All of the information you entered, with respect to WorkKeys, will now appear in your profile, and will be available for employers to see.