Townsend graduates more than 300


SANDUSKY — Each Townsend Community School students’ journey to graduating from high school differs from person-to-person.

But here’s what they all share: They didn’t let the past hold them back.

“It doesn’t matter what that is — you should be proud of yourselves,” superintendent Pete Bartkowiak said. “You’re starting the next chapter of your lives as high school graduates.”

Townsend grad balanced motherhood, academics


SANDUSKY — Syanna Alexander’s path to success was three years in the making.

Along the way, she learned how to balance being a mother and a student.

The Sandusky resident was among more than 300 students who graduated from Townsend Community School Tuesday evening at the Sandusky State Theatre.

At her previous school, Syanna, 18, struggled in her classes.

She said she read great things about Townsend and, after talking it over with her mother, decided to enroll at the charter school.

Townsend Community School graduates largest class

SANDUSKY — Each year since 2011, Townsend Community School’s graduating classes have grown in size. On Tuesday, members of its largest class started their futures.

More than 250 students from across the area received their diplomas from the Castalia charter school, filling the Sandusky State Theatre’s stage with a few more sitting in seats below.

Student speakers Emma Carmichael and Samantha Hill spoke of their journeys to attaining their diplomas and praised the school’s instructors for diligently working with them.

“To say I finished is the biggest accomplishment I’ve ever had,” Hill said. “I knew it would be hard work, but it was worth it in the end.”

“TCS is amazing,” Carmichael added.


Townsend Community School graduates students for the fifth year

In second grade, Donald Brooks’ teachers held him back because they thought he wasn’t ready to move on to third grade. But he didn’t lose hope.

“Ever since then, I wanted to do everything to the best of my ability so I could graduate with my class,” he said.

He enrolled at Townsend last August and was able to earn the credits he needed by this past February. By getting his diploma at Townsend, he’s able to attend a Bible college in Indiana.

“I’ll see what God has in store for me,” he said.


Just Drive

An event at Townsend Community School Thursday focused on the danger of texting while driving. A simulator that mimics road conditions put drivers on an imaginary road and ordered them to text a message while various hazards popped up. The trick was to avoid hitting animals crossing over the roadway or other drivers changing lanes. The difficulty of such tasks increases as the driver’s speed increases. The lesson here: You are likely not nearly as proficient at driving and texting as you think you are.